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如何编译 Exo platform

如何编译 Exo platform

如何编译 Exo platform
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To build the exoplatform from the src
(If you can't connect to the to get the repository's jars,then make a new file named in the current dir,writed with = 211.147.*.*
maven.proxy.port = 8080)

* Go to maven-plugins/exo, run maven plugin:install(If you reinstall, you may need to delete
   $MAVEN_HOME/plugins/maven-exo-plugins-1.0.jar before install
* Go to exo-build, edit the file according to your env, copy that file to your
   $HOME directory
* Run  maven multiproject:install

* Run "maven exo" for latest help instructions from the maven exo plugin (Optional)

* Run maven exo:platform:deploy

* For jboss deployment, You need to run maven patch-jboss in exo-build to modify the jboss
   configuration. Actually the command copy all the files in exo-buid/src/exo-jboss to your jboss