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JUnit -- A good thing to unit test

JUnit -- A good thing to unit test

JUnit -- A good thing to unit test
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Let me start the blog life as a programer in the world. People never put a high attention to unit test.

After I look at the JUnit, I begin to realize a formal process of developing java code. Unit test is important to every programer. We must ensure the robust of our code. Afer the design iteration and interface definition, we can write the unit test case before coding. It is useful to guarantee the quality of the code.

Inherite the TestCase class, and write the testXXX function. This is the main body to test. To verify the result, call assertXXX function. If return false, this case is false.

Several simple test cases can be collected together as a test suite. TestSuite suite = new TestSuite(""); suite.addTest(new InheriteTestCase("casename"); or suite.addTestSuite(InheriteTestCase.class); all the testXXX is added into test suite. used to run the test case or test suite.
Next step, I want to study Cactus which is a project under apache. It is the remote test framework inherite from JUnit