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My View On Refactor

My View On Refactor

My View On Refactor
发布时间:2006-03-08 23:44        来源:        作者:

I like refactor these days.

it help my code look more and more beautiful day after day. May be it is one key point in XP, it is also important in SE, with the help of TDD (Test-Driven Develop)

Many people don't like XP, they link the way software engineer works, write document, design, code, test. Others believe coding is most impotant in the process, the final product is key point. developers like to see the resut. That's  true. I think both way is correct. One of my teacher said, SE is a basic level, which tells us a standard in development, XP is a higher level. One must experience SE, then try to XP. It sounds reasonable. But one thing in developement is same. That is Refactor.

Refactor is a new word for me one year ago. Although i also know need to make some change to my codes,i bon't know how to express it, and what is the standard. Refactor for me, is one thing help me to tell other what i am doing to my code all days. It sounds more experizedly.

Actually, SE and XP can't leave refactor.

It reminds us to design well for your code. When you find the code is difficult to change and extend, refactoring should begin.

It remind us to make Test Case with unit test tools or frame as JUnit, to keep all change will not introduce errors.

It remind us to keep interface change as little as possible. It depends on a lot of design pattern.

Refactor makes me excited and to be chanllenege fo every one. I am willing to be a Archetecture to design more and mote perfect programe structure.