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JAgileSearch to be born

JAgileSearch to be born

JAgileSearch to be born
发布时间:2006-03-08 22:42        来源:        作者:

Our component JAgileSearch (JAS) to be complete.

We use Lucene to develop a component to help site developers easily add a search engine to their sites.

Users just need to write a jas.xml according a XML schema, we also provide aGUI interface for those who are not famaliar with XML, it is easiy to deploy. When deployed, used run a multi-threads programe called Spider, all information is collected. Then user can decide the way to use search method.

He can:
Use our default search page and servlet.
Use our servlet and his own pages.
Use our APIs in his programe.
Use our WebService in other language applications

Our API is easy to extend to add extra searchType because of our will-designed structure.

How exciting the component is.

But still programe remains:
OurOf Memory Problem in collect process

Waiting our good news. And do you want to try to use it?

All, Do you have any suggections. If you can Tell me,  i will be appreciate with you.