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JAgileSearch 1.0 alpha Done

JAgileSearch 1.0 alpha Done

JAgileSearch 1.0 alpha Done
发布时间:2006-03-08 22:37        来源:        作者:

With great effort, we have done the first version of JAgileSearch. It is a component to help you easily build a in-site search engine for you existed site

The main feature are:

  • Use Lucene, not database to store Page inforamtion, which will adapt more site.
  • Support multi-site Configuration, easy deployed to the exist Site
  • Support multi-Threads for collecting, faster while save. Suppert pause.
  • Customized style for search page
  • User can use the API directly in any java application for site search
  • Can be run with GUI or Command Line
  • Support normal search and category search for now
  • Developer can entends the class to build their own search type

The Result of test:

  • Successfully finish collecting the content of . 18000+ pages total.  Remote in 40 mins
  • Successfully search with the index files after collect

Some Bugs remain to be solved and some new feature to be add in next version.

The current version is not available in public for now, Since we need more test. Do you want to build a in-site search engine easily, please our component.